Body Corporate Returning Officer

I am available to serve as a Body Corporate Returning Officer to Bodies Corporate on the Gold Coast.Rates are competitive and reliability is guaranteed. I have many years experience having served as Chairman of five Bodies Corporate and filling all Committee positions in a number of others.

Please feel free to contact me if you need the services of a Body Corporate Returning Officer.

The BCCM Act Accommodation Module S.89 and Standard Module S.91 specifies:

(1) The body corporate must appoint a returning officer for each general meeting where a motion is to be decided by secret ballot.

(2) Also, the body corporate may appoint a returning officer for any other general meeting.

(3) The returning officer has all or any of the following functions as decided by the body corporate and stated in the returning officer’s instrument of appointment—

(a) deciding questions about eligibility to vote and voting entitlements;

(b) receiving secret voting papers;

(c) counting votes, or inspecting the counting of votes;

(d) deciding whether a vote is valid.

(4) The following persons are not eligible for appointment as a

returning officer for a body corporate—

(a) the owner of a lot included in the community titles scheme;

(b) a person engaged as a body corporate manager or service contractor, or authorised as a letting agent;

(c) an associate of a person mentioned in paragraph (b).

Body Corporate Returning Officer

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