About Me

I own a number of properties on the Gold Coast and have participated on various Body Corporate Committees over the last fifteen years. I have been elected Chairman for at least three Bodies Corporate and participated as a Committee member on various others.

My experiences on many Committees have provided me with a broad insight into how the legislation works and how Bodies Corporate manage their communities.

Many have different interpretations of the Act and work within their capabilities and resources. Some Committees have a very limited knowledge of their roles and responsibilities and this often leads to disputes.

I have first hand experience of many of the issues that Bodies Corporate face and this website is intended to put the owners perspective on Body Corporate issues.

The opinions expressed here are my own personal commentaries and not intended to be taken as advice in any way.

I am the owner of www.moviemem.com and also publish and maintain a number of other websites. I worked as Production Manager and Drive Time presenter on a Gold Coast radio station for a number of years and currently live on the Gold Coast.

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